Provac Lightweight BackVac: Making your life easier


In the course of a busy day, your body experiences strain in a variety of ways. Lifting and hunching places pressure throughout your frame, and stressed locations are accommodated for elsewhere. It is not uncommon to feel your work in a number of areas at the end of a fast-paced day of work. Poor lifting technique, overwork and fatigue all contribute to this health problem, but antiquated machinery in our labour industries has not made it any better.

Those utilising vacuum cleaners are in a position to experience this strain first-hand. The effort of pushing a heavy floor-based vacuum cleaner, where the weight is based primarily on the handle, does more than slow your efforts. It can put undue stress on your body, and make your next day tougher to cope with.

Your Provac BackVac vacuum cleaner is different, however. With a handle that is free of the weight of the vacuum unit, your reaching efforts are suddenly far easier, and less stress is placed on sensitive areas of your body. You are able to perform your work faster and more effectively, as the flexible hose is not only lighter, but more able to reach difficult spots. Lastly, you aren’t obliged to lift the heavy unit up stairs or on to elevated surfaces, making cleaning these areas far easier.

If you spend a good deal of quality time with your vacuum, a Back Vac is an excellent investment. Your body, and your employer, will thank you for it. Complete with our renowned warranty and replacement guarantee, you cannot lose with a Provac BackVac vacuum cleaner.