Lightweight Backpack Vacuum Cleaner | Backvac

Those of us who employ a vacuum cleaner have benefitted greatly from the recent trend of ever-lighter production materials. A lighter appliance means less strain on you, so more work can be accomplished in a given day. Recent innovations have made them lighter than ever, a real advantage to professional and casual cleaners in Australia and worldwide.

The Provac lightweight Backvac vacuum cleaner means less fatigue, and less fatigue means greater efficiency in the workplace or in the home. It also means you are left with more energy at the end of the day – something that we, at Provac, are sure you can find a use for.

Our lightweight backpack vacuum cleaners are among the gentlest vacuums on your physique. Placing it’s weight comfortably and squarely on your hips, the Backvac is constructed of lightweight, yet durable, components, designed to strike a perfect balance between our legendary durability and weight.

The lightweight Backvac keeps you from requiring movement in your lower back, letting your hips and legs do the hard yards. We ensure that your day is spent effectively and efficiently, and that you aren’t fatigued from your efforts.

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