Provac: The Benefits of a Lightweight Backpack Vacuum Cleaner


At Provac, we provide one of the finest lightweight backpack vacuum cleaners on the market. Our vacuums are lightweight, yet durable, and come with a guaranteed replacement policy. What other benefits are awaiting you with Provac?


An independent study from the US confirmed what cleaners already knew: lightweight backpack vacuum cleaners offer the highest efficiency figures, far ahead of that of canister and upright vacuum cleaners. The lighter weight of the hose and handle, and its independent movement, means you spend less time wrestling the appliance around your furniture or bumping it against walls.

Lower Noise

Because vibrations aren’t being transmitted directly to the floor, a lightweight backpack vacuum cleaner is considerably quieter than either a canister or an upright unit. This is essential if your cleaning efforts occur around people or during business hours, for example, at a gym or an office.

Less Strain

The separation between the unit and the hose on a Provac unit allows you to easily vacuum surfaces which are elevated or irregular, like desk tops or stairs. It also means less strain is placed upon your back, as you aren’t obliged to lift the unit. The lengthy hose of a backpack vacuum also makes your work easier, as you are less obliged to bend down to reach corners or underneath objects.

At Provac, we provide one of the premier vacuums available for those who need a top-quality backpack vacuum cleaner in their lives. Give us a call and test the Provac difference!