Provac: Australia’s go-to Commercial Grade Vacuum


What makes a vacuum cleaner ‘commercial grade’?

Commercial application of any tool is different to that of the private owner in a number of key metrics. These vacuums are meant to operate under all conditions and over long periods of time, almost daily, without missing a beat. When a breakdown or an overheat is coming directly out of your pocket, a vacuum must earn the moniker to be considered a member of this elite company.

Durability is the most important element of a commercial grade vacuum. Through long hours, and a number of different environments and applications, a vacuum must be able to carry on through it all. It’s constant movement, both between job sites and on the job itself, means the vacuum must be able to withstand no shortage of licks. It has to be tough.

A commercial grade vacuum has to be versatile. It cannot be a one-trick pony, as a competitor will no doubt fill this void with a better product. A vacuum must be able to cover a number of different surfaces and areas, big and small, with equal effectiveness.

Finally, for extended use by professionals, a commercial grade vacuum must be ergonomically designed and light. If you’re in a position that handles a vacuum cleaner for several hours daily, you’ll want to make sure that it can be moved about with relative ease.

A tough list, and an exclusive one, but to be able to lay claim to this title, you must be able to offer it all. At Provac, we feel we have managed to bring the finest product to the market, and have duly earned our spot as Australia’s go-to commercial grade vacuum.

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