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Provac Vacuum Cleaner

The Provac Commercial Vacuum Cleaner is one of the lightest and most powerful backpack vacuums on the market. Engineered to perform at a commercial level, the Provac features a powerful motor and sleek, ergonomic design, making it easy to use at work and around the home.

Every Provac is backed by a 12-month guarantee and a replacement loyalty plan for the lifetime of your vacuum cleaner, so you won’t need to worry about servicing, repairs or downtime. We ensure that you are kept productive and effective with our equipment.

The Provac advantage lies in its efficiency. Our commercial backpack vacuum cleaners preserve the strength and power of a commercial vacuum, with the efficiency of the backpack. Without the necessity of rolling a heavy wheel-mounted unit, your cleaning becomes faster and easier, with fewer hassles.

Our comfortable backpack vacuum cleaners need not be wrestled with difficulty around your home or workplace, as you struggle to angle the wheels of a floor-mounted unit. With our commercial backpack vacuum on your back, your work is easier on your furniture and walls, and requires less effort on your part to operate effectively.

Provac Vacuum Cleaners. We make your work easier!

Provac Vacuum Cleaners have been trusted by cleaning professionals for over 30 years. The technology may have changed, but the quality remains the same.

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Provac Guarantee

Provacs are built to last, with 12 months warranty and a replacement loyalty plan for the life of your vacuum cleaner. It’s the Provac guarantee.

Clean like a professional, with a lightweight backpack vacuum cleaner that’s designed for speed and comfort.

Lightweight Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

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