Standing by the Provac Backvac: Your Commercial Grade Vacuum

March 4th, 2016 / dean / 0 comments

  In the world of home maintenance, it pays to invest in quality gear. The environments in which these machines must operate is not forgiving, in any way: they tend to get bashed about a fair bit, while powering their way through some very difficult environments and spills. A very common misuse of any vacuum is to […]

Provac: Australia’s go-to Commercial Grade Vacuum

February 5th, 2016 / dean / 0 comments

  What makes a vacuum cleaner ‘commercial grade’? Commercial application of any tool is different to that of the private owner in a number of key metrics. These vacuums are meant to operate under all conditions and over long periods of time, almost daily, without missing a beat. When a breakdown or an overheat is coming directly out of […]

Provac Lightweight BackVac: Making your life easier

January 7th, 2016 / dean / 0 comments

In the course of a busy day, your body experiences strain in a variety of ways. Lifting and hunching places pressure throughout your frame, and stressed locations are accommodated for elsewhere. It is not uncommon to feel your work in a number of areas at the end of a fast-paced day of work. Poor lifting technique, overwork and fatigue […]

Provac: The Benefits of a Lightweight Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

December 1st, 2015 / dean / 0 comments

At Provac, we provide one of the finest lightweight backpack vacuum cleaners on the market. Our vacuums are lightweight, yet durable, and come with a guaranteed replacement policy. What other benefits are awaiting you with Provac? Efficiency An independent study from the US confirmed what cleaners already knew: lightweight backpack vacuum cleaners offer the highest efficiency figures, […]